''Where families make memories.."

"One of my most valuable recollections as a dad is getting up right on time and strolling down to the lake to fish with my daughter. I launched DaddyGoFish so that I could help other families feel this way."

Why choose DaddyGoFish?

  • Unmatched Colorful Options: We offer a rainbow of choices. With our extensive range of colors, every child can find the perfect gear that resonates with their personality.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: We never compromise on quality. Our kids fishing poles, nets, and chest waders are built to withstand the adventures of young explorers.
  • Encouraging the Next Generation: Our colorful gear is designed to make fishing more accessible and enjoyable for kids, sparking a lifelong passion for nature.
  • Parent-Approved: Don't just take our word for it – our products have earned the approval of parents who appreciate the combination of durability, safety, and style.


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What our customers say?


Nice Basic Waders!

These fit pretty well. There isn't much room to spare around my calves and I have small legs, so if you have bigger calves they might be too tight there. Otherwise, a good set of basic waders for cheaper.

Daddygofish adult chest wader, fishing waders, hunting wader

DIY guy

''Flexible, comfortable, and fit just right using the FIT CHART on your seller page.''

Yes, it did smell like rubbery plastic when I first opened the package but it disappeared after a couple of hours. My legs fit easily in to the wader and the waste belt and shoulder straps were easy to adjust. The seller also supplied patch up material and glue as well, hopefully I will be careful with the waders. The waders were roomy and comfortable, very flexible, but the boots were an inch longer than I would have liked. I feel I could possible put on a non-bulky shoe to were inside the waders. Also, use a big rubber band or ankle elastics to keep you pants from sliding up your legs as you put on the waders. Good product so far, Thank you.


''Great fishing line!''

''I was amaze! My 7 years old kid fished this small mouth bass with this fishing kit! I would totally recommend it.''

Kids fishing set, kids fishing pole


''Great gift idea!''

'''These are great quality fishing rods and has literally everything you need for beginner fishers. Everything fits neatly in a handy carry bag and its light enough for the kids to carry on their own. perfect for my slightly older kids who have passed the toddler stage and have outgrown the kiddie poles. We go camping every year with cousins so this will be an awesome activity for them! LOVE the tiny folding chairs/stool, it is super compact but sturdy and great add on to have for other camping activities. Its the only weekend a year when my kids aren't begging for tablets or video games so it's a great gift idea to get kids excited to be outdoors.


''Exactly what we needed!''

''The DaddyGoFish package is such a great value and has everything we need to take our daughter fishing! It is all ready to go right out of the bag. Last year, we tried to make it work with a full size rod and it was just too awkward and heavy, so we were set on finding her some gear her own size. What really sets this kit apart from the other options we considered is the collapsible chair - anyone with a toddler knows this is KEY!! The telescopic rod is solid quality and the tackle box is fully stocked. I highly recommend DaddyGoFish for any child in your life who you'd like to introduce to the wonderful world of fishing!''

YongHoon Chung

''Great combination!''

''I love this item. Well designed and strong enough to catch a big fish. My son loves this fishing pole... unlike other products, this package includes a chair..''